Why Read the Bible? An Excellent Question for the Modern Age

Barton Swaim in the Wall Street Journal today highlights why many moderns aren’t interested in reading the Bible in a critical review of a book on the Bible that assumes all the assumptions of modern critics of the Scriptures. What C.S. Lewis said of Christianity is true also of the Scriptures on which it is based: “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” If the Bible isn’t true, then it is relatively unimportant and one must find ways to convince people to read it (as this author has attempted). This review, in my mind, exposes the arrogance of those who critique the Bible with no awareness or recognition of the massive amounts of scholarship that interprets the Bible as historically accurate and affirms the supernatural nature of the book and the miraculous events it describes. Everyone comes to the Bible with presuppositions. If you come to the Scriptures with a presupposition that the supernatural is impossible in a fixed/closed universe governed merely by natural laws then you will dismiss the supernatural. But if you come to the Scriptures with an allowance that the supernatural is a possibility, you may well discover that the events described are possible and given the many historical accuracies, prophetic fulfillments, and, this is a big one—the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, you may well become convinced of the Bible’s truthfulness and trustworthiness and become one of the millions whose lives have been changed by its central message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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