2016 Interim Session Report

It is a pleasure to share this report with you. We are currently in what is called the “interim session” in Frankfort. This essentially means that it is the time between the current year’s legislative session and the next year’s session. During the interim, joint committees made up of members of the Senate and House meet together in various committees to oversee various state agencies and to work on legislation for the next year. As such, members are only present in Frankfort sporadically during the interim, depending on which committees they serve. Therefore, I have focused my time on the year-round staff of both the legislative and executive branches during the interim.

Current Ministry:

Since May I have been having a weekly Bible study in the back room of the cafeteria in the Capitol Annex. This Bible study is open to all legislative, custodial, and kitchen staff. Actually, anyone in the building is welcome to attend and people attend from several different spheres of work in the building. This study meets on Wednesdays at noon. The idea was to allow people to come and buy or bring their lunch and spend thirty minutes studying the Bible with me each week. I am looking at moving this study to Monday in the near future as that day seems to be the least busy for the administrative staff because legislators rarely are in town on that day. Also, this leaves open the opportunity of continuing this study for staff even during the legislative session since things usually do not get to going full blast until Monday afternoons.

Also since May I have been leading a Bible study each Wednesday in the capitol building for executive branch staff. This has been a very encouraging Bible study. We have outgrown the first conference room that we began to meet in and are now in what is called “The Bunker” in the basement of the Capitol.

Future Opportunities:

I have three major events in the planning stages for the next 4-5 months. First, I plan to host an appreciation meal for the legislative administrative staff. These men and women are the unsung heroes of state government and I want to show appreciation to them as well as build relationships with them for future ministry. I will be having the meal catered for about 75 people. I anticipate being able to do this for around $375. I will use funds that have been and are being donated to the ministry. I’m planning this meal for Monday, September 12th. This meal will also mark the move of our weekly Bible study to Monday for the remainder of the year.

Second, I plan to host a pre-election prayer walk at the Capitol on the Tuesday before the General Election (November 1st). I will be inviting Christians to meet at the Capitol that evening to walk around to several prayer stations that I will have prepared and pray specifically for our government leaders and our nation.

Third, I will be launching Bible studies for the legislators when they get back in town in January, 2017. Like last year, I will host a welcome lunch for the legislators to build relationships and good-will. This will likely cost around $500.

Help Needed:

There are a few ways that you can help with this ministry. First, please continue to pray for me and those that I am ministering to at the Capitol. This, like all Christian ministry, is a spiritual battle and I need special wisdom engaging with a diverse group of individuals with very different political commitments. My priority is to make the gospel of Christ the main thing and not be side-tracked by many of the other debates that often take the forefront in our highly-politicized climate. I respect and appreciate the necessary work that others do in these areas of public policy, but I have to focus on my unique role—ministering to the spiritual needs of all those working at our state capitol.

Second, please help me spread the word about the pre-election prayer walk. I will provide more details in the next several weeks, but I think people will respond well to this invitation to pray in this tumultuous election season when so much seems uncertain in our nation. This will be an opportunity for concerned Christians to gather at the Capitol and pray specifically for our federal, state, and local governments.

Third, please help me spread the word about the ministry that I am doing and invite others to partner with Capitol Commission. Those who want to be a part of this ministry can find out more information by visiting my website at www.capitolcom.org/Kentucky. Any financial help would be appreciated as it will allow me to do some of the things I have outlined above and more!

Please continue or commit to praying for the legislators and staff, and for me as I seek to minister to them on your behalf! Remember to use the website www.Pray1Tim2.org for daily reminders to pray for our government leaders. Thank you for your prayers and support. I am excited about what the Lord is doing through this ministry.

In Christ Alone,


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