13 Key Events of Church History

I noticed yesterday that my friend, Dr. Michael Haykin, posted a list of 18 key events in church history on his blog at the website of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. It is a great list, but it reminded me that I recently compiled a similar list. My list is more weighted toward Baptists. Haykin’s list is more ecumenical and reflective of world events that impacted Christianity. There is some overlap between the two with both lists containing the schism of 1054, the Protestant Reformation, and the beginning of the modern missionary movement. It is an interesting exercise for sure. If you had to list 10-15 key events in the history of Christianity, what would they be?
Here’s my list:
  1. Destruction of Temple and Jerusalem in AD 70.
  2. Early Persecution (2nd-3rd centuries)
  3. Early Heresies (2nd-3rd centuries)
  4. Council of Nicaea/Constantinople (325,381)
  5. Council of Chalcedon (451)
  6. Charlemagne becomes first emperor of Holy Roman Empire (800)
  7. Schism of East and West Churches (1054)
  8. Protestant Reformation (1517)
  9. Rise of English Baptists (1609/1641)
  10. Modern Missionary Movement (1792)
  11. Formation of Triennial (1814) and Southern Baptist (1845) Conventions
  12. Charles Spurgeon and Downgrade Controversy (1880s)
  13. Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention (1979-2000)

Feel free to give your list in the comment section.

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