Are We Entering a Golden Age of 17th Century Baptist Literature?

I certainly hope so. Having done my PhD in this largely unmined area of church history, I have a vested interest in making the inspiring stories and helpful theological musings of our 17th-century Baptist counterparts known. I’m committed to doing my part. In recent days, I have been encouraged by the number of solid publications about or containing the original works of 17th-century Baptists that have either been recently released or are slated to be released soon. In addition to the works listed below, I am currently revising my dissertation on Hercules Collins for publication and plan to separately publish Collins’ The Temple Repair’d in the near future.

Available Now:

The Reformed Theology of Benjamin Keach (1640-1704)Jonathan W. Arnold, The Reformed Theology of Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) (Regent’s Park College Publications, 2013).

Jonathan Arnold completed his dissertation on the most important seventeenth-century English Particular Baptist at Regent’s Park College of Oxford University. This work is a slightly revised version published in Regent’s Park College Publications excellent Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies series. As the title suggests, Arnold explores Keach as a Reformed theologian.

Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist TheologyClint C. Bass, Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist Theology (Regent’s Park College Publications, 2013).

At the same time that Arnold was working on his dissertation on Keach at Regent’s Park, Clint Bass was also working on his dissertation there on the most important seventeenth-century English General Baptist. This work is a slightly revised version published in Regent’s Park College Publications excellent Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies series. This work explores General Baptist theology through the prism of the life, ministry, and theological writings of Thomas Grantham.

John Inscore Essick, Thomas Grantham: God’s Messenger from Lincolnshire (Mercer University Press, 2013).

Another important work on Grantham was also released in 2013 by Mercer University Press. The publication of two major works on Grantham indicate something of his importance to understanding the General Baptists of the seventeenth century.

William Kiffen and his World (3 Volume Set)Larry J. Kreitzer, William Kiffen and his World (3 Volume Set) (Regent’s Park College Publications, 2010-2013).

Larry Kreitzer is a New Testament scholar who teaches at the Oxford University’s Regent’s Park College. On the side, he is a sleuth of seventeenth-century Baptist primary sources. His gift is masterfully mining archives for previously undiscovered primary source material on early English Baptists. I’ve seen his skill first hand as he showed me around the London Metropolitan Archives for material on Hercules Collins. His three-volume work on William Kiffen is a treasure trove of primary sources on this important seventeenth-century Baptist pastor (the only one to sign both the 1644 and 1689 London Confessions). I believe Kreitzer’s research will produce a fresh outburst of Kiffen scholarship.

looking-unto-jesus-the-christ-centered-piety-of-seventeenth-century-baptistsJ. Stephen Yuille, Looking unto Jesus: The Christ-Centered Piety of Seventeenth-Century Baptists (Pickwick Publications, 2013).

Stephen Yuille, an expert guide to Puritan spirituality, uncovers the Puritan-esqe spirituality of two seventeenth-century Particular Baptists–Thomas Wilcox and Vavasor Powell. This short work includes a sermon by Wilcox and a short treatise by Powell. Both demonstrate the Christ-centered piety of the Particular Baptists. Yuille includes two excellent essays of his own exploring the spirituality in the primary sources included.

Coming Soon:

Duesing Cover Option 1smallcJason G. Duesing, Henry Jessey: Puritan Chaplain, Independent and Baptist Pastor, Millenarian Politician and Prophet (Borderstone Press, forthcoming).

Jason Duesing,Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has revised his excellent dissertation on Henry Jessey for publication in Borderstone Press’ Thesis Imprint series. Jessey is an important figure in Baptist life. He was one of the first three pastors of the famous J-L-J independent congregation (Jacob-Lathrop-Jessey) from which early English Particular Baptist life sprung. He also became a Baptist himself!

Waiting-on-the-Spirit-of-Promise-201x300Brian L. Hanson and Michael A.G. Haykin. Waiting on the Spirit of Promise: The Life and Theology of Suffering of Abraham Cheare (Pickwick Publications, forthcoming).

Brian Hanson and Michael Haykin present an introduction to the life and theology of Abraham Cheare, a seventeenth-century Particular Baptist pastor who suffered imprisonment for his gospel ministry. Along with their analysis of Cheare, four primary sources by Cheare are included in this work.

Michael A.G. Haykin and G. Stephen Weaver, Jr. An Orthodox Catechism (Reformed Baptist Academic Press, forthcoming).

Blank black book w/path

Michael Haykin and I are publishing a revised, updated version of Hercules Collins’ 1680 An Orthodox Catechism, which is itself a Baptist revision of the 1563 Heidelberg Catechism. In addition to the text of the catechism, Haykin and I have authored a historical introduction to the catechism. This books should be available within a week or so.


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