Practical Lessons from the Reformation (Conference Audio)

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This past weekend I was privileged to speak at the 16th Annual Reformation Day Conference at Reformed Bible Church near Rutland, Vermont. It was indeed an honor to preach to this gracious and hospitable congregation. The theme for the conference was “Practical Lessons from the Reformation” and the individual sessions are listed below with links to the MP3 audio for download or online listening.

10/25/12  Session 1: “Reformation and the Word of God” (MP3)

10/26/12  Session 2: “The Word in the Church” (MP3)

10/27/12  Session 3: “The Word in the Home – Marriage” (MP3)

10/27/12  Session 4: “The Word in the Home – Children” (MP3)

10/28/12  Session 5: “By Grace Alone” (MP3)

10/28/12  Session 6: “By Faith Alone” (MP3)

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