Historians and Anniversaries

Historians love dates and anniversaries. If you look hard enough, you can always find a historical event to celebrate, or at least remember, every day of the year. In the newest issue (Summer 2012, 89) of the Founder’s Journal, Dr. Nettles writes in his editorial introduction about this propensity among historians and explains why anniversaries matter. He points to the fact that 2012 marks the anniversaries of such important events as the publication of Thomas Helwys’ The Mistery of Iniquity (1612), the passing of the Act of Uniformity (1662), and the departure of Adoniram and Ann Judson’s (along with Luther Rice) departure for India.

In addition to Dr. Nettles’ illuminating introduction, the journal also includes his address from the Founder’s Breakfast at this year’s meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. The essay “‘Traditional’ Baptists Under the Microscope of History” offers Dr. Nettles’ perspective on the past, present and future of Southern Baptist theology.

Last and least, the journal also includes my essay on “Baptists and 1662” which was recently presented at a mini-conference of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. For an audio version of me reading my paper, click here. (Dr. Nettles also talks about the importance of Helwys here.)

The Founder’s Journal is now completely digital and the newest issue can be purchased as an ePub (for Apple iBooks, the Nook and other ePUB readers) or as mobi (for Kindle and other mobi readers). The price is $1.99. Past Issues of the journal are available free online in PDF format.

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