“Read the Bible for Life” in 2012

I’m excited to announce an initiative to encourage daily Bible reading in the upcoming year for the members of Farmdale Baptist Church. I’ve attached two versions of the same reading plan which follows a chronological order (here and here). In other words, this plan will lead us to read through the Bible in the order of the events (not necessarily in the order of the books of the Bible). This will give a new perspective on how the Bible fits together and will help us better read the Bible in its historical context.

It is hoped that by everyone in the church following the same Bible reading plan that this will promote discussion among church members about the readings. This will also enable us all to encourage and challenge one another in our daily Bible reading. Reading the Bible regularly is essential to our growth as Christians. As we read the Bible prayerfully as a church family in 2012, the goal is that we will grow in Christlikeness.

You can download and print off the attached Bible Reading plans to insert in your Bible as a reminder of your daily Bible reading commitment. You can also follow this plan online at this website where you can click on each day’s reading and read online. There also iPhone and iPad apps available (search “Read the Bible for Life” on your device). Of course, we will also have print copies of the plan at church for you to pick up and use.

To ensure that this Bible reading plan is emphasized throughout the entire year, I will normally be teaching on Sunday and Wednesday nights from texts read during the respective weeks. I will also be willing to answer any questions about the weekly Bible readings. We will print each week’s readings in our bulletin and I will often chose our Sunday morning Call to Worship reading from one of the texts of the week. Hopefully all of these measures will not only demonstrate my commitment to this project, but also serve as an encouragement to stay on task throughout a long year where we will all be tempted to slack off from time to time.

I’m excited to begin this adventure with you. Please commit together with me to “Read the Bible for Life” in 2012.

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