What Makes History So Important as a Discipline

In a recent interview on Thinking in Public with Professor Thomas Albert Howard of Gordon College (author of God and the Atlantic: America, Europe and the Religious Divide), Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. makes a great observation about the importance of history as a discipline. While discussing the unique perspective which Professor Howard’s book has brought to modern historiography through the asking of a question never before asked, Dr. Mohler waxed eloquent about the benefit of continued historical research.

I do think that a book like this can catch up by something of a surprise. We read it and are informed by it. Our thinking is reshaped by it, and our intellectual curiosities are fired by it. And one of the questions that comes to mind is, why didn’t someone ask this question before? That’s what makes history so important as a disciple. It’s not just the same questions are being asked over and over again, it’s that top flight historical minds are attracted to new questions, and of course to new periods of history and to asking very new questions about even some of the periods we think we actually know a great deal about. There is always more to learn. A book like this makes that point emphatically clear.

Copied and pasted from Podcast Transcript.

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