“What is a Baseball Glove?”

The following description of the meaning of a baseball glove was used in advertising by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company in 1965:

My glove for the past 23 years.

A baseball glove is a beginning and and ending: a boy’s first sure step towards manhood: a man’s final, lingering hold on youth: it is a promise… and a memory.

A baseball glove is the dusty  badge of belonging, the tanned and oiled mortar of team and camaraderie: in its creases and scuffs lodge sunburned afternoons freckled with thrills, the excited hum of competition, cheers that burst like skyrockets.

Me and Haddon

A baseball glove is a thousand-and-one names and moments strung like white and crimson banners in the vast stadium of memory.

A baseball glove is the leather of adventure, worthy successor to the cowboy’s holster, the trooper’s saddle and the buckskin laces of the frontier scout; it is combat, heroics, and victory… a place to smack a fist or snuff a rally.

Above all, a baseball glove is the union of father and son, boy and friends, man and men; it is union beyond language, creed or color.

© The Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, 1965

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