Sinclair Ferguson on Pentecost

This coming Sunday (June 12, 2011) is Pentecost Sunday on the Christian calendar. As part of my continuing series of sermons on “The Forgotten Member of the Trinity,” I will be preaching a sermon from Acts 2 titled “The Coming of the Spirit of Christ.” In my preparation, I was reading from Sinclair Ferguson‘s great contribution to IVP’s “Contours of Christian Theology” series. Here is what Ferguson said about Pentecost:

Pentecost publicly marks the transition from the old to the new covenant, and signifies the commencement of the ‘now’ of the day of salvation (2 Cor. 6:2). It is the threshold of the last days, and inaugurates the new era in which the eschatalogical life of the future invades the present evil age in a proleptic manner. Thus, from the New Testament’s standpoint, the ‘fulfilment [or “end”, ta telē] of the ages has dawned’ (lit.) on those who, through the gift of the Spirit, are ‘in Christ’ (1 Cor. 10:11). That which is ‘new’ in the new covenant ministry of the Spirit is therefore inextricably related to the significance of the Pentecost event.

From Sinclair Ferguson’s The Holy Spirit (InterVaristy Press, 1996), pp. 57-58.


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