Review of Pujols: More Than the Game

I love baseball.  I love books.  I love books about baseball.  Naturally, I was interested in a book about arguably the greatest player in baseball today, Albert Pujols.  The St. Louis Cardinal star has set himself apart from the class in every major area of statistical analysis for offensive production.  Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth have written a book that certainly makes the case for Pujols’ baseball greatness, but also asserts that for Albert there is something bigger than the game.  For Albert Pujols the game of baseball is merely a platform on which to bring glory to His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lamb and Ellsworth have carefully researched and masterfully woven together newspaper accounts, interviews with friends and teammates, and the multitude of measures of statistical analysis to tell the remarkable story of the rise of the boy from the Dominican Republic who has become an American citizen and one of the greatest players in the history of America’s pastime.  Pujols: More Than the Game (Thomas Nelson, 2011) is an immensely enjoyable guided tour of Pujols’ life and baseball career.  It is highly readable, my 11 year-old-son has begun reading the book and has regaled me with stories of Pujols’ exploits.  Written by two lifelong baseball fans, the book is also baseball-savvy enough to keep the attention of the most seasoned student of the sport.

Perhaps one of the greatest tributes I can give to Pujols is that, although I am a friend of both of the authors, when I first read the draft of the book several months ago I was able to forget who the authors were and was able simply to enjoy the book on its own merits.  Lamb and Ellsworth have written a baseball book, and I love baseball and books.

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