Simple Tips for Using Online Daily Bible Reading Plans

As we prepare to enter a new year tomorrow, it is a good time to recommit ourselves to daily Bible reading (among other spiritual disciplines such as prayer and in-depth Bible study).  The internet, though fraught with many perils, can be a great tool for doing daily Bible reading.  My favorite translation is the English Standard Version (ESV) and there are multiple one-year Bible reading plans for the ESV available here.  One of the features that I like on the ESV page is that you can choose to hear someone read the Bible read to you as you read along on the screen.  This helps keep me focused and on pace, as well as helping me to understand better what I’m reading.  Online reading plans for other translations are available here.  I’m not as familiar with this website, but it seems to have some great resources to encourage daily Bible reading (including the option of having your daily reading emailed to you each day!).

One tip to help ensure that you get your daily Bible reading done each day is to make whichever online Bible reading plan you use your home page on your web browser (see here for instructions to set your home page in Internet Explorer and Firefox).  This means that it will always be the first screen that you see when you open your web browser each day.  Previously, I had my web browser home page set as my Gmail page.  As a result I often got bogged down with reading and responding to emails first thing in the morning.  By setting your Bible reading plan as your home page, you will help fight against the temptation to surf the web, read blogs, or email.  Your web browser can be a daily reminder of what you should be doing first every day.

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