Mark DeVine: Emergent or Emerging: Questions for Southern Baptists and North American Evangelicals

Benefits of Emergent Church

  • Emphasis on Church Planting

Church planting is not child’s play. Neither is church-replanting. If this is rebellion, it is an impressive way to rebel.

  • Attraction to Urban Setting

As populations move to the cities and the cities are increasingly unchurched, this is an important attraction.

  • Culture Consciousness

This may be the most important contribution of the Emergent movement.  There is an awareness that America is now made up of various different non-Christian cultures.

Culture must be studied with great care as it has been done by missions agencies for years.

Attempts to import American culture to native peoples was a hindrance to the gospel on the mission field because it erected an unnecessary barrier.  We can do the same thing by persisting in trying to export the 50s culture to this generation.

  • More patience in evangelism and delaying of baptism to increase the likelihood of genuine professions of faith.
  • An emphasis on community.

What is necessary:

The ability of pastors to stay in churches long enough to accomplish something.

Members need to be able to stay in churches long enough to develop the kind of relationships which

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