Robert Smith: “The Church’s One Foundation”

This evening’s session is a community worship service highlighted with a message by Dr. Robert Smith from Acts 8:26-40 titled “The Church’s One Foundation.”

“Speak Lord, your servants are listening.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

We preach an inalterable, unchanging gospel in a changing world.

Our theology must be a theology of the feet and not just a theology of the seat.  Phillip went.

In Acts 8 we have a Kodak moment.  A glimpse of the kingdom. I better get ready to see in the kingdom of heaven who don’t look like me and don’t dress like me.

Too much preaching has become Christologically deficient.

Jesus Christ is still able to save.  Phillip preached Christ.

When the Samaritans heard the message about Christ and saw the accompanying signs, they believed.

When life breaks down, Christ breaks through!  Job – “Though he slay me, yet I will trust in him.”

God will put us in situations where there will be no explanation of the victory, but that God did it!

We are very close to becoming binarians.  We believe in God the Father and God the Son, but minimize the Holy Spirit.

You can’t understand the Bible without the Holy Spirit, no matter how many PhDs you have.

When the Ethiopian Eunuch believed he had a new position.  He previously couldn’t enter into the temple, but now he has access into the presence of God.  We were once all eunuchs, but we who were once strangers are not given access into the very presence of God.

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