“Amsterdam 400”: A Quatercentennial Celebration of Baptist Witness

In celebration of the four-hundredth anniversary of the modern Baptist movement, the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is capping off its annual conference with an action-packed evening that will be opened up to the entire seminary community and the general public.

6:45 pm “Spirituality of Historic Baptist Hymnody:  A Hymn Sing” (BROADUS CHAPEL)

The evening will begin with a hymn sing highlighting the contributions of early Baptist hymn-writers to the historic repertory of congregational song.  Hymns by seminal Baptist figures such as John Bunyan, Benjamin Keach, Joseph and Sammuel Stennett will be featured as will the contributions of later Baptist leaders including Adoniram Judson and Basily Manly, Jr.  Manly’s pioneering role in the preservation of historic Baptist hymnody will receive particular emphasis.  The hymn sing will be led by Dr. Nathan H. Platt, Asst. Professor of Worship, and will be open to the general public as well as those attending the Fuller conference.

7:45 pm “ ‘We Believe with the Heart and with the Mouth Confess’: The Engaging Piety of John Smyth and the Early General Baptists”  (BROADUS CHAPEL)

The evening continues with a special lecture by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell (PhD, Oxford), Professor of Systematic Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, on the piety of John Smyth and the early General Baptists.  This lecture is to commemorate the commonly understood origins of Baptists in 1609.  This final plenary session of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is open to the seminary community for free.

9:00 pm “Reformed and Anabaptist:  Strengths and Shortcomings of Two Traditions”: A Late Night Discussion between Drs. Yarnell and Haykin (NORTON 195)

The evening concludes with a late night discussion originally inspired by a Twitter exchange between Drs. Haykin and Yarnell!  This promises to be an interesting evening as these two humble scholars discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Reformed and Anabaptist traditions, while at the same time demonstrating how such interactions should be conducted.  Both SBTS’s Towers and SWBTS’s The Hill have featured news stories on the dialogue between Drs. Haykin and Yarnell.  Don’t miss this!

While these Tuesday evening events are free, registration for the entire conference is still open. There is a student rate and at least seven books will be given away to all registered attendees.

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