Strategic Planning for Farmdale Baptist Church

  • Need for rethinking, possibly restructuring some areas of our ministry.
  • As we’ve had to think through the budget, so too the ministries which the budget funds.
  • “Don’t waste a crisis!”  An opportunity for refocusing, not handwringing.
  • The routine can become a rut.  We need to shock ourselves out of the rut.
  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Everything we do at Farmdale Baptist Church needs to fit into our vision of what we’re supposed to be doing as a church.  My vision and I  believe our churches mission is:

“To glorify God by expositing the Scriptures, exalting the             Savior, equipping the saints, and evangelizing sinners.”

Everything we do needs to fit into that vision.  This needs to drive our ministries.  We should do no activities for activity sake.  Everything we need to do needs to be on purpose for a purpose that is based on our vision of what we as a church are called to do.

So, I ask that all our committees and officers within the church prayerfully consider their preparation and activities in the coming year with the above vision in mind.  If we do so, we will become more united and efficient in the days ahead as we seek to be faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. I like you web site Thanks God bless you am in Kenya and I was just searching for some resources

    I will be reading you strategic Plan

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