“The Robe” by Wes King

I recently came across Wes King on Facebook and remembered this song recorded several years ago.  In 2005 Wes was diagnosed with Lymphoma and underwent many months of extremely difficult treatments and years of side-effects. Wes is now cancer free and is feeling well enough to spend time in his studio again.  He is currently working on recording a couple of new projects.  “The Robe” was inspired by a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon which Wes read while a college student at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA.

At the time, King says he was asking himself, “How can I meaningfully close my concerts? What’s a way that I can invite people to become a Christian without playing ‘Just as I Am’ 50,000 times and threatening people that they’re going to go to hell tonight if they don’t?”

The answer came when King returned to his marked-up copy of Charles Spurgeon’s Sovereign Grace sermons, which he’d read the year before.

“I went back and went through some of my highlights,” King recalls. “That’s mostly the way I write songs: I highlight and I go back and I read it, and I go, ‘Now, why did that impact me?’

“At the end of the sermon [‘High Doctrine’], Spurgeon says, ‘Sinner, you say you have no faith. You’re right. You have no faith. Faith is of God. Come as you are, and He will give you the faith that you need. You say you’re guilty. You’re right. You are guilty. Come as you are and God will pardon you. Sinner, you say you’re naked and ashamed. Come as you are, and the robe that He will clothe you in is made of a garment of the grace of His Son. Come as you are.’

“And I said, ‘That is it. That’s the song.’

“There’s a great quote,” King continues. “Someone—I forget who—said that great writing is just stealing with discretion—because there’s nothing new under the sun. That’s really what I did. And all Spurgeon did was steal from the gospel itself, because that’s what the gospel is all about: The robe of righteousness that we wear because we can’t be good, we can’t try hard enough to please God. It’s something that has to come from without.”

From CCM Magazine’s “Story Behind the Song”

Read the lyrics below which Wes wrote, then watch the music video below:

Anyone whose heart is cold and lonely
Anyone who can’t believe
Anyone whose hands are worn and empty

Come as you are

Anyone whose feet are tired of walking
And even lost their will to run
There is a place of rest for your aching soul
Come as you are

For the robe is of God
That will clothe your nakedness
And the robe is His grace
It’s all you need
Come as you are

Anyone who feels that they’re unworthy
Anyone whose just afraid
Come sinner, come and receive His mercy
Come as you are

(repeat chorus)


  1. I love that song “the robe”. Also, I just listened to “Another Man” by Wes King and I must say it is a great song. I am glad to see that God has healed Wes and I hope to hear some more music from him.

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