Four New Titles to Be Released to Commemorate SBTS’s 150th Anniversary

Three of Southern Seminary’s outstanding cast of church history professors are scheduled to release works commemorating the seminary’s history in time for the sesquicenteniel celebration during the week of the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville (June 23-24, 2009).  These three works, published by three different publishers, will offer a fitting tribute to Southern Seminary’s history.

Dr. Gregory A. Wills has authored a history of the institution for Oxford University Press.  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1859-2009) promises to offer a fresh perspective on the seminary’s founding upon a solid foundation, the drift toward theological liberalism, and the recovery of the school’s confessional identity under President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is offering a sneak peak inside the volume, but it is not yet available for pre-0rder.  It scheduled for release on June 12.

Dr. Thomas J. Nettles new comprehensive biography of Southern Seminary’s founder James P. Boyce is now available for pre-0rder on  James Petigru Boyce:  A Southern Baptist Statesman will be published by P&R Publishing and is a part of their American Reformed Biographies series.  The biography focuses on his theological development, his lifelong struggle to establish the Seminary; and the theological controversies that shaped Baptists in the last half of the nineteenth century.  Dr. Nettles has also prepared a sourcebook on Boyce which will be published by Founders Press this summer.

Soldiers of ChristA final work scheduled for release by the SBC annual meeting is Soldiers of Christ:  Selections from the Writings of Basil Manly, Sr. & Basil Manly, Jr. Edited by Southern Seminary professor Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, in conjunction with Dr. Roger D. Duke and Dr. A. James Fuller, Soldiers of Christ focuses on the writings on the father and son duo without whom, as current SBTS President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. notes in his Foreward, Southern Seminary would not exist.  This work will be published by Founders Press.

With these four releases, this Summer promises to be a great opportunity for reading about Southern Seminary’s history!

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