One Year Anniversary Letter to Farmdale Baptist Church

Dear Church Family,

This past Sunday marked the one year anniversary since I preached my first sermon as pastor of Farmdale Baptist Church.  It has been a wonderful year for me and my family serving God together with you.  I truly believe that God is using His Word to cause us all to grow spiritually in our love for Him and for one another.  That is certainly my desire.

It has been a privilege to get to know so many of you so much better over the course of this past year.  The kindness which the church has shown to me and my family will be eternally appreciated.  Without your prayers and support over these months, we would not have been able to make it.

Looking back over the events of this past year reminds us of how much has been accomplished.  We have been busy.  I appreciate the willingness of the people of this church to be involved in ministries.  From our monthly outreach to the soup kitchen, to Vacation Bible School, to volunteer workers for our new Sunday night children’s program: Praise Factory, our church is blessed with many willing workers who do what they do for God’s glory.

The first year of a pastorate is a time of learning.  The pastor is learning the congregation and grows in recognizing the spiritual needs that are present, as well as developing a vision for the leadership of the church.  The congregation is learning the pastor and his family, especially the pastor’s leadership and preaching styles.  I hope that it is also true that the congregation is learning to trust the pastor.

Having spent this year learning one another (as well as doing a lot of great ministry together), I look forward to the coming year being  one in which we continue to grow in our knowledge and love for one another while reaching out across the street and around the world with the proclamation of the gospel.  Please pray that God will keep me faithful to what he has called me to be and do!

In Christ Alone,

Steve Weaver

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