New Book on Charles Darwin’s Religious Views

charles_darwin_newJoshua Press has recently released David Herbert’s Charles Darwin’s Religious Views: From Creationist to Evolutionist. This book is a spiritual biography that focuses primarily on the religious experiences of Charles Darwin’s life. Its intent is to demonstrate how Darwin’s rejection of the Bible led him to adopt the naturalistic assumptions that were foundational to his belief in evolutionism. Well-researched and written in an engaging style, Dr. Herbert brings to life the spiritual journey of one of history’s most controversial figures.

Derek Thomas, Professor of Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS, commends the volume as follows:

A fascinating and important study of Charles Darwin, one of the most significant figures of our time.  The book is a tour de force in its analysis of the creation-science debate, as well as an insightful account of the man himself.  It includes a careful and cautious study of the so-called ‘Lady Hope Tract,’ suggesting a deathbed conversion.  I highly recommend it, especially for those embarking on scientific study at any level.


  1. I just got to thinking. That is a really sad life. Fighting against God’s truth and leaving a legacy where he is know for it. And yet our broken down culture thinks of him as a hero. i wonder who his desendents are. Maybe we could go visit them sometime. I hope they don’t believe in this utter nonsense.

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