Dr. Greg Wills Faculty Address

gwillsStop whatever you’re doing right now and listen to Dr. Gregory A. Wills’ Faculty Address which was delivered at Southern Seminary on Wednesday.  The MP3 is now available online for download or for online listening.  The title of the address was “Southern Seminary, Southern Baptists & the Two Religions”.   I think it was a very fair assessment of Southern Seminary’s history in relation to both modernism and Christian orthodoxy.  I gained a better understanding of the liberalism project at Southern Seminary past by listening to this lecture.  While not sympathetic with theological liberalism, Dr. Wills has nevertheless sought to understand what his predecessors at Southern actually believed and what they were trying to accomplish.  The result is a more accurate portrayal of their theological positions, without minimizing their significant deviations from orthodoxy.

sbts-history-cover1Listening to this lecture will surely whet your appetite for Dr. Wills’ first coming history of Southern Seminary:  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:  1859-2009 which is due for release this Summer.  It promises to be an excellent work, not only for the understanding of Southern Seminary, but also with insights to the history of the SBC and wider Evangelicalism.

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