Special Subscription Offer for Eusebeia

Spring 2008 issue

The Andrew Fuller Center publishes a semi-annual journal featuring articles and book reviews related to Baptist history and thought.  Subscriptions to the journal are available yearly for $30 ($35 international).  Payment can be made to “The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.” Please send subscription requests and payment to:

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280

Free book offer

Free book offer

For a limited time, all who subscribe, following the instructions above, and mention this offer in their correspondence will receive a free copy of Dr. Haykin’s A Cloud of Witnesses:  Calvinistic Baptists in the 18th Century.  This book is a collection of nine biographical sketches with a prologue by the late pastor David Fountain. It relates the story of ongoing faithfulness among eighteenth-century Christians namely Hercules Collins, William Mitchel, Anne Dutton, Abraham Booth, John Ryland Jr, John Thomas, Coxe Feary, Samuel Pearce and John Sutcliff. It also tells of the blessing that came to their communities later in that century. It is a story that will thrill, encourage and challenge the readers.

When we receive your payment and subscription information, we will send out a copy of the most recent issue of Eusebeia (volume 9 on Andrew Fuller) and your free copy of A Cloud of Witnesses.  If you are already a subscriber, or already have issue 9, you can simply indicate which issue you would like for your subscription to begin.  This way everyone can take advantage of this great offer.

Our next issue (volume 10) will feature articles on the Puritans and will be published in the near future.

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