2008 Books Read List

Keep in mind that I was extra busy this year, so I didn’t get to read as much as I would have liked.   For the last seven years I have set  goal of reading 52 books a year.  I have only reached the goal twice, but I figure that is two times more than if I hadn’t set the goal.  My yearly totals were:  29 in 2002, 52 in 2003, 42 in 2004, 37 in 2005, 52 in 2006, 37 in 2007, and 39 in 2008.  Here is the list that I read last year:

Read in 2008

  1. Culture Shift R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
  2. The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment Tim Challies
  3. The Backslider Andrew Fuller
  4. Turning Points Mark A. Noll
  5. A Piety Above the Common Standard Anthony L Chute
  6. The Expository Genius of John Calvin Steven J. Lawson
  7. A History of the Baptists Robert G. Torbet
  8. Not a Silent People Walter B. Shurden
  9. The God Who Draws Near Michael A. G. Haykin
  10. Assist Me to Proclaim: The Life and Hymns of Charles Wesley John R. Tyson
  11. Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists Collin Hansen
  12. Treasuring God in Our Traditions Noel Piper
  13. Doctrine that Dances Robert Smith
  14. No Armor for the Back Keith Durso
  15. Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal David Dockery
  16. Fear Not!  Death and Afterlife from a Christian Perspective Ligon Duncan
  17. Historian’s Fallacies David Fischer
  18. Forerunners of the Reformation Heiko Oberman
  19. Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed Philip Benedict
  20. Calvin and the Consolidation of the Genevan Reformation William G. Naphy
  21. The Unaccommodated Calvin Richard A. Muller
  22. Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent
  23. Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol. 1)        John Calvin
  24. Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol. 2)  John Calvin
  25. Sermons on Micah John Calvin
  26. The Bondage of the Will Martin Luther
  27. Three Treatises Martin Luther
  28. Calvin: Origins and Development of His Religious Thought Francois Wendel
  29. Witness to the Truth Louis Moore
  30. Death of Death in the Death of Christ John Owen
  31. A Body of Divinity Thomas Watson
  32. Character Above All: Ten Presidents from FDR to George Bush Robert Wilson
  33. John Broadus: A Living Legacy Edited by David Dockery and Roger Duke
  34. Baptist Successionism James Edward McGoldrick
  35. Lead Your Family in Worship Franois Carr
  36. Teach Your Family the Truth Brian Stone
  37. Desire and Deceit R. Albert Mohler
  38. He is Not Silent R. Albert Mohler
  39. God in the Whirlwind Tim Ellsworth


  1. Let’s see here. This year I also read “Culture Shift,” “Young, Restless, Reformed” and “The Bondage of the Will.” I read Dr. Dockery’s book on the SBC late last year in manuscript form.

    My goal is to read the Institutes in 2009.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I knew you had written a review of it, so I wondered if maybe you had forgotten it.

    I read 34 books myself this year, so you beat be my five. Your list is also a little weightier as a whole.

    So is the Institutes better reading than “Bondage of the Will”? I did OK through the first half, but thought the last half was incredibly dry.

  3. The Institutes aren’t as funny as The Bondage of the Will, but overall they are better reading I think.

    The Bondage of the Will gets dry in its point by point refutation of Erasmus. Most of the Institutes is biblical teaching (though there are opponents obviously in view). There are several sections where Calvin argues against certain individuals or issues of his day, these sections are somewhat dry and are usually best skipped over for the average reader.

    I hope you get some rest tonight and the baby improves tonight.

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