Historic Baptist History Volume

In August 2007 I was privileged to participate in a historic gathering at the First Baptist Church of Charleston, SC.  The purpose of this gathering was to celebrate the three hundred year anniversary of the founding of the Philadelphia Baptist Association in 1707.

This meeting featured a wide array of Baptist participants, with five Plenary Sessions, each session having a portion dedicated to Baptist hymnody, two Baptist profiles on historic figures and a keynote speaker. There were also six Breakout Sessions on various aspects of Baptist history, four being held at the same time in different locations.

Virtually all of these sessions have now been published by Particular Baptist Press in a high quality cloth bound volume of 663 acid free pages.  I participated with Dr. Michael Haykin and Dr. Nathan Finn in a Breakout Session on Baptist Devotional Literature.  I wrote a short section on Hercules Collins’ devotional literature (consisting of just over a page in the printed volume) that is included in this volume.  Other notable contributions include Dr. Tom Nettles keynote address on the “Influence of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith on Baptists in America,” Dr. Michael Haykin’s biographical profile on John Gill, and Dr. Jim Renihan’s breakout session on “Baptist Theological Controversies.”  You can order this excellent resource on Baptist history directly from Particular Baptist Press for $33.00 here.

For more titles from Particular Baptist Press visit here.


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