Heading to ETS

About this time tomorrow evening I will board a plane to Providence, Rhode Island where I will be attending this year’s annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.  The Evangelical Theological Society provides an opportunity for Evangelical scholars to present papers and have interaction with the wider scholarly community.  The schedule for this year’s meeting is available here.  I am attending this event in order to assist Dr. Michael Haykin who will be moderating a Baptist Studies session featuring Jason Lee, Timothy George, and Keith Harper.   A complete list of SBTS related paricipants was provided by Dr. Russell Moore back in August.  The list is as follows:

The 60th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society will take place on November 19-21, 2008, in Providence, Rhode Island. Our own Professor Bruce A. Ware serves as President-elect and 2008 Program Chairman. Professor Peter Gentry is delivering a paper at a plenary sesssion. The tentative program schedule has recently been posted, and we are proud to note that several Southern Seminary faculty, students, and alumni will be presenting papers at this year’s meeting. These include:


R. Albert Mohler Jr., “Secularization and Its Discontents”

Peter J. Gentry, “Old Testament Text” (Plenary Session)

David Puckett, “Wilberforce and ‘Lesser’ Evils”

Russell D. Moore, “Hybrid Engines on the Sawdust Trail: Global Warming, Creation Care, and the Future of Evangelical Theology”

Mark Coppenger, “The Aesthetic Argument and Darwinism”

Michael Haykin, Moderator of Baptist Studies Session

Robert L. Plummer, Moderator of Missional Church Session

Gregg Allison, “The Multi-Site Church Phenomenon: A Biblical, Theological, Historical, and MIssional Assessment”

Adam Greenway, “Reconsidering the Identity of the Edenic Serpent”

Shawn D. Wright, “Aspects of a Biblical Theology of Children”

Kurt Wise, “Dominion: Optimization of Divine Attributes to God’s Glory”

Bruce A. Ware, “Christian Worship and Taxis within the Trinity: Why the Order of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Matters to a Correct Understanding and Practice of Worship”

Barry Joslin (Boyce College), “God in Three Persons: The Implicit Trinitarianism of Hebrews”

Denny Burk (Boyce College), “God’s Inactive Righteousness: A Clarification Regarding the Meaning of Paul’s ‘Righteousness’ Language”

William Henard III, “Sinners in the Hands of an Emergent Church: Jonathan Edwards Joins the Conversation”

James Hamilton, “The Lord’s Supper in Paul”


Peter Beck (Charleston Southern University), “The Voice of Faith: The Role of Unition in Jonathan Edwards’s Theology of Prayer”

Kenneth Turner (Bryan College), “Moses on the New Perspective: Does Deuteronomy Teach Covenant Nomism?”

David Morgan (University of Aberdeen), “Land and Temple as Structural and Thematic Marks of Coherence for the Hebrew Edition of the Book of the Twelve”

Mark Rogers (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), “A Missional Eschatology: Jonathan Edwards, Future Prophecy, and the Spread of the Gospel”

Bryan Cribb (Brewton-Parker College), “The Character of David’s Character: Form Critical Insights from the Story of David’s Death”

Mark Overstreet (Criswell College), “Where from Emmaus? Constructing a Proper Method for Christ-centered Preaching from the Old Testament”

Paul R. House (Beeson Divinity School), “Thematic Studies”

Randall Tan (Kentucky Christian University), Moderator fo Discourse Grammar and Biblical Exegesis Session

Jason DeRouchie (Northwestern College), “Wa and Asyndeton as Guides to Macrostructure in the Reported Speech of Deuteronomy”

Joseph Pak (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), “Characteristics of False Believers in the New Testament”

Benjamin Merkle (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), “Who Will Be Left Behind? Rethinking the Meaning of Matthew 24:40-41 and Luke 17:34-35″

Jarvis Williams (Campbellsville University), “Stricken by God? An Exegetical and Theological Response to Brad Jersak’s Nonviolent Model of Jesus’ Death”

Stefana Dan Laing (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), “Patristics and Protestants: Contextualizing Patristics for Contemporary Evangelicals”


Gary Schultz Jr., “Universal Redemption, Not Universalism: The Reconciliation of All Things in Christ”

Aaron O’Kelley, “The Prophethood of All Believers and the Gift of Prophecy”

Robert Van Tine, “Castration for the Kingdom: Illegitimate Remarriage and Avoiding the aitia of Adultery”

John Gill, “The Gospel, Scriptures and Napoleon Bonaparte”

David Kim, “How Does the Holy Spirit Affect Our Interpretation of the Word?”

Keith Goad, “Simplicity and Trinity in Harmony”

Rob Pochek, “Is God Still Speaking? Pastoral Implications in the Debate Concerning Ongoing Revelatory Gifts”

This week’s events also promise to be interesting due to the efforts of Drs. Ray Van Neste and Denny Burk to amend the constitution of ETS.  This is an effort that I’m supportive of and if you’re a member, I hope you are too!

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