My New Favorite Music CD: “Together for the Gospel Live”

t4g-musicAnd it’s not even been released yet.  I just learned of this new CD, produced by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  It is titled and “Together for the Gospel Live” and features the music from the 2008 Together for the Gospel meeting as recorded live during the sessions.  As great as the preaching was at this event, the music is one of the main things that stands out for many attending this event.  To hear 5,000 men singing such great truths it moving in and of itself.  Free samples are available, as well as three free MP3 downloads, here.  This album is a great foretaste of heaven!  To imagine ten thousands times ten thousands singing praises to God is quite overwhelming.  Don’t miss out on this album.

One comment

  1. Where can I get it? How much is it? How long has it been out?Does it have al of it or just some of it? How long have you had this information?

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