New Church Website

This month Farmdale Baptist Church, the church which I serve as pastor, has debuted a new website.  The following is my article from this month’s church newsletter describing the new site, our core commitments, and an opportunity for outreach in our community.

Updated Website, Core Commitments and Outreach
This month we are debuting an updated website for Farmdale Baptist Church.  The website still has the same address:, but it features several new features.  In an age where most people get their first impression of a church by visiting the church’s webpage, an up to date and visually stimulating website has become increasingly important as a means of outreach.  Although new times often require new methodology, our message and mission will always be the same.  When you visit our website, on the front page you will find the following description of the core commitments of Farmdale Baptist Church:

Expositing the Scriptures
The normal diet from the pulpit of Farmdale Baptist Church is the verse by verse exposition of God’s Word.  All of our ministries are grounded upon the authority of God’s all-sufficient Word.

Exalting the Savior
Our worship services include a mix of hymns and worship songs both old and new with the common characteristic of exalting our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Equipping the Saints
We believe that one of the great results of the Word of God being faithfully proclaimed is that believers are equipped to be what they are called to be as Christians.

Evangelizing Sinners
This is another great result of the preaching of God’s Word.  Not only are sinners evangelized through the proclamation of Scripture, believers who are equipped through the Word of God are made into effective evangelists themselves.

I believe that these four commitments summarize what our church is all about.  These reflect my understanding of what we are called to be as a church biblically.

In light of our commitment of “Evangelizing Sinners” listed above, our church is about to engage in a great outreach effort in our community.  In conjunction with other churches in the Franklin Baptist Association, we are participating in prayer-walking, doing spiritual surveys, and free New Testament distribution in our community.

This outreach event is in two phases.  First, on Saturday November 8th at 4:00pm (suggested), teams of two will be going out from our church to pray specifically for the needs of our community.  Then on Sunday November 9th at 4:00 pm, we will go out again by twos and be involved in giving out Spiritual Surveys and free New Testaments to whoever needs them.

More details about these events will be provided in our Sunday evening service on November 2nd.  A brief training will be provided and we will be making assignments of specific streets to teams for this outreach.  If you are unable to attend on November 2nd, please contact our church office to express your interest in participating in this event.

I hope everyone will seriously consider being a part of this outreach.  There is literally something that everyone can do!  From being a silent partner or staying at the church to pray for those who go out to being one of the ones handing out the surveys and free New Testaments, we can all take part.  And everyone is needed if we are to make a true impact in our community for the cause of Christ.


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