Moore on Abortion

Dr. Russell Moore concluded Heritage Week at SBTS today with a sermon titled:  “Joseph of Nazareth Is a Single-Issue Evangelical: The Father of Jesus, the Cries of the Helpless, and Change You Can Believe In” (Matt. 2:13-23).  As Boyce College Dean Denny Burk has commented:  “In Southern Seminary’s chapel today, Russell Moore delivered one of the most prophetic pro-life messages I have ever heard.”  Dr. Burk goes on to say,

One of the most poignant sections of the sermon comes when Moore makes a comparison between “Christians” of a former generation who tolerated the lynching of African-Americans and “Christians” of this generation who tolerate the atrocity of abortion:

“There are churches, and there are pastors, and there are young evangelical leaders who are saying to us, ‘We ought not be single-issue evangelicals. We ought to be concerned about more issues than simply abortion.’ Which means that we ought to be willing to join ourselves and to vote for and to support candidates who will support legalized abortion, who will deny the personhood of children who are still in the womb, because we are able to support them on other issues . . . Many of them are in a desperate quest to say to their congregations and to people potentially in their congregations, ‘I’m not Jerry Falwell.’ And many of them believe that it is missional to speak to people while blunting or silencing a witness about the life of children so that you can reach them with the gospel. . . Some will tell us there are many other issues: economics, global warming—issues I’m very concerned about too. Previous generations have said that as well. Previous generations of preachers have stood in the pulpit and preached until they were red in the face about card-playing and movie-going and tax-policy and personal morality and tobacco-smoking and a thousand other issues, but would not speak to the fact that there were African-American brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus swinging in the trees! And there is judgment of God upon that. And there is here too.”

This is a message that needs to be distributed far and wide. I hope you will do so.

You can listen to the sermon online or download it here.


  1. Abortion rates are lower when abortion is legal. Can I assume that you want Roe v. Wade overturned, given that fact?

  2. newfeminist,

    Thanks for your visit and comment. I don’t accept the premise that abortion rates are lower when it is legal. Where is the evidence for this? What kind of records are kept when abortions are illegal?

    I do want Roe v. Wade overturned because it is the responsibility of government to protect the helpless. None are more vulnerable than those lives which are still in the womb of their mothers.

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