Rope Burn: A Great Lecture on Andrew Fuller by Pastor David Prince

During this week’s World Impact Conference at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor David Prince delivered a biographical lecture on Andrew Fuller.  It is an excellent overview of Fuller’s life and ministry with practical application to those of us who have presently been called by God to stay behind (in regard to the task of World Missions).

Rope Burn: Suffering and The World Mission for those who Stay

Are the people who leave the comforts of home and family the only ones who suffer for the sake of The World Mission?   What about those who stay?  What about Andrew Fuller? A theologian who was willing to call men and women to repentance in a day when it was theologically uncouth.  A pastor who was committed to cling to the truth of God’s word even when his congregation rejected it.  A missionary so committed to the cause of Christ among the unreached that he would work himself to death mobilizing the church to support those who traveled abroad.   Andrew Fuller, a faithful missionary, pastor theologian, suffered rope burn while launching the modern missions movement.  Listen as Pastor David walks us through the life of Andrew Fuller.

The audio of this lecture is available for MP3 download here.  I believe all readers of this blog will profit from this lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Pastor Prince mentions a book by Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, namely:  The Armies of the Lamb:  The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller.  This book includes a helpful biographical introduction followed by a great selection of Fuller’s letters which highlight his spirituality.  I have written a brief recommendation of this book here.  This recommendation examines the spirituality of Fuller’s letters with special reference to three specific emphases seen therein.

It is also worth noting that the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (a Center for which I serve as Research and Administrative Assistant to the Director, Michael Haykin) is engaged in producing a modern critical edition of the entire corpus of Andrew Fuller’s published and unpublished works by 2014. This edition will comprise fifteen volumes and will be published by Paternoster Press.  For more on this project click here.

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