A First in My Pastoral Ministry

Sunday evening I experienced a first in my pastoral ministry.  Whereas my dad pastors a church in Florida and has occasionally had to call off church services due to hurricanes, I have never had to do so since I have pastored only in East Tennessee and now in Central Kentucky.  That was until Sunday evening.  After experiencing consistent winds of 50-60 mph all Sunday afternoon, I made the decision (along with a few others) to cancel our Sunday evening service.  The winds were the product of the remnants of Hurricane Ike as it made its way across the continent.   Of course, as soon as I made the call to cancel the service, the winds ceased as they must have when Jesus said, “Peace be still.” on the Sea of Gallilee.

Louisville (about 45 miles west of Frankfort) was hit much harder with winds of up to 80 mph.  Power was knocked out at Southern Seminary and across Louisville, leading to a cancellation of classes for the entire week.   Power has just now been restored today at SBTS and classes will resume as scheduled on Monday.  This has been an interesting experience and a small taste of what those in Florida, and the entire Gulf Coast have to deal with somewhat frequently.


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