Introducing Curtis Woods . . .

We had the privilege last Sunday of welcoming to the pulpit of Farmdale Baptist Church, Curtis Woods.  Curtis has become a friend since I’ve here in Frankfort.  Below is the introduction that I gave for Curtis on Sunday.  I hope you will be encouraged to listen to his message (linked below).  You can also find the outline of his sermon below.

It is our privilege today to have Curtis Woods ministering God’s Word to us. Curtis is the campus minister for the Baptist Campus Ministry (formerly known as BSU) at Kentucky State University. He is in a very real sense, then, our missionary to an ethnically and religiously diverse student population in our own county! Curtis holds a Master of Theology in Pastoral Ministries degree from the Dallas Theological Seminary where he was recognized by the faculty with the Ruben S. Connor Award in Evangelism and Discipleship. Most importantly, I know Curtis would want me to say, he is married to his wife Tracy with whom he has blessed with three sons: Curtis Anthony II, Timothy Ivory, and Tristan Gabriel. Curtis possesses a rare combination of a brilliant mind for God and the lost and a burning heart for God and the lost. These characteristics should always reside together, but sadly this is not always the case. I’ve seen these characteristics of Curtis on display first hand as I’ve visited with him on the campus of KSU and I’m delighted that now, you too, will have the opportunity to see this.

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Sermon Outline and Questions:

I. Listen to the Call of the Holy (v. 4)
a. The Son submits Himself to the Father’s direction.
b. The Son sees an opportunity to transform a life.

II. Learn to Meet people where they are (vv. 5-6)
a. The easy route is not always the best route.
b. Avoidance is always easier than engagement.
c. Understand the concept of “double avoidance.” (Carl F. Ellis, Westminster Theological Seminary)

III. Listen to Cries of Humanity (vv. 7-15)
a. Search for common ground.
b. Expect opposition from those who have been opposed.
c. Slow down and listen before you attempt to share the gospel.

IV. Live in Reality, not fantasy (vv. 16-26)
a. Reality confronts our sin.
b. Fantasy condones our sin.

Thinking Material:

1) How would you confront the cultural and generational gaps in your thinking and living?

2) Why is it difficult to build relationships with people we label as off limits?

3) Do you think Jesus was worried about the perceptions of his disciples as he engaged this woman? Why or Why not?

4) Do you believe that limited contacts with other ethnic groups will enforce stereotypical biases?

5) Can we create church environments in which engagement across lines of difference is perceived as the norm rather than the exception?

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