Jason Duesing on “Learning Humility through Church History”

One of the great joys of this week’s conference on 17th Century English Baptists was the opportunity to fellowship with old friends while also making some new ones!  It was great to fellowship once again with men like Malcolm Yarnell, Jay Collier, and Jim Renihan.  It was also a privilege to meet others for the first time, such as:  Dennis Bustin, Austin Walker, Stephen Yuille, and Larry Krietzer.  One such new friend is Jason Duesing, whom I found to be both a humble Christian man and a first rate historical scholar.  His PhD thesis topic on Henry Jessey (also the topic of his paper at the conference, click here to listen) is one that greatly interests me.  Jason currently serves as Chief of Staff for the Office of the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has recently been appointed as professor of Historical Theology at Southwestern.   I’m excited that God has raised up a humble man like Jason to these important roles at an important institution.  Since the conference I have noted Jason’s humility to other mutual friends who confirmed my impression through their testimony.  How interesting then for me to find today, while perusing the White Papers at BaptistTheology.org, a paper which Jason has written on “Learning Humility through Church History.” I commend this short paper to you as an excellent primer on an important topic from a trusted guide.   I pray that my studies in the area of Church History will yield similar fruit in my life as they have so clearly in Jason’s life.


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