Andrew Fuller Center Conference Audio Now Available

The audio for this week’s conference on the 17th Century English Particular Baptists has now been posted online.  All the lectures (including the parallel sessions) are now available for free MP3 download on the conference page.  By all accounts, the conference was a great blessing to those who attended and it is hoped that this blessing can now be extended to those who would have liked to have attended, but were unable to do so.


  1. Wow that was quick! I hadn’t even had the chance to type my notes yet… One suggestion, is there a way audience questions could be included on the mp3s next time?

  2. Steve, I really hated that I had to miss the conference this year. As I was getting ready to register, one of my members called and told me that their 4 year old was having extremely serious surgery at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital. It was scheduled for right in the middle of the conference and I felt I needed to be there with them.

    I am grateful that the MP3 files are available . . . not as good as being there, but better than nothing. Thanks!!

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