I’m Now on Facebook

I have long resisted the social networks like Facebook and MySpace.  But due to the encouragement of friends and family as well as the example of my heroes, I could resist Facebook no longer (I’m still resisting MySpace and have no fear of giving in at present.).  To view my profile click here.  To celebrate my arrival on Facebook, I post the following Rhett and Link video.  I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it moderately funny.  Now after a few days on Facebook myself, I find it totally hillarious.  The song parodies the obsession that many have with Facebook.  This song should be a good tonic.  Enjoy.


  1. Why? You already have a blog. What advantage is there to Facebook too? And isn’t basically the same thing as MySpace? I admit I know very little about them, but aren’t they much the same? Why the prejudice against the MySpace? Just curious. Blessings!

  2. Mr.Weaver. Have you been to our church website?
    I’m heading up the youth page!Its as close to having a blog as my mo is going to let me get.Since I comment on your blog a lot you can comment on the youth page a lot if you want.

  3. Welcome to Facebook! I joined to communicate and share photos with missionary contacts on other parts of the world and discovered a few youth had started a group that our youth pastor was using to post reminders of events. With my oldest just coming into youth, I joined. Since then other parents of youth and their friends and their children’s friends were all joining. So now, we have much of our church community on Facebook where we encourage each other and look out for each other’s kids online – since we’re all “friends”. It’s neat to have a community where the majority of your youth from church are comfortable enough to let you into their lives.

    Right now, I’m sitting in Venezuela catching up on my blog reading and giving instant updates to those back home in the states who didn’t come with us. There are several on other mission trips around the world right now (one of our team;s family members is in China and others are in London – yet others have returned from Nepal and others are preparing for Sri Lanka) and we are able to keep each other in timely prayer through this tool.

    Pretty incredible if you ask me – even if we are the exception and not the rule.

  4. David,

    Sorry for my delayed response. Why Facebook? Because the combined weight of Dr. Mohler, Dr. Moore, Charlie Albright, and Jeremy’s presence was to much to resist.

    Facebook is different than a blog. It is more of a social network, helping you connect with friends from past and present that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to contact. I’ve caught up with several old friends through Facebook already. I don’t know anything about MySpace really, except that I always hear about bad stuff being on those pages.

    I hope this satisfies your curiosity.


  5. Thank you.I am curious though.What are some things that need improving on the site.I told dad it would be rockin if it was black and lightning striking in the background.

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