1. or . . .

    WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — President George W. Bush and California Govornor Arnold Schwarzenegger came out of the closet today, answering questions about their orientation.

    Govornor Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying, “I’ve been living a lie. This macho image has been a front, concealing my true nature; but I can no longer maintain the deception.”

    First Lady Laura Bush, visibly shaken, stated, “I have often suspected that something was not as it seemed; but I never imagined it could be … this. George and Arnold are actually … Democrats.”

    Commenting today on his nationally syndicated radio program, Rush Limbaugh said, “I TOLD you so! Didn’t I tell you so, Mr. Snerdley? I KNEW it! ITOLD you so! …”

  2. Limbaugh may not say, “I TOLD you so!” But I will.

    Any true conservative that is still supporting either of these two big government Republicans is blind.

    But do I vote for Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr? I can’t decide.

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