Vacation Time

Beginning last Thursday and continuing to this Wednesday, I am taking some vacation time with my family.  Since we’re still paying two house payments (one in TN and one in KY), we haven’t been able to afford to go anywhere long distance.  Instead, we have made several small excursions from our home base in Frankfort.  Thursday was a day of hanging around the house and getting some things straightened up around here.  On Friday, we went to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.  We had a good time, especially at the Water Park.  On Saturday I watched the kids (minus Hannah), while Gretta and Hannah took an all day shopping trip to get some long needed items.  On Sunday our family attended Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.  We were greatly blessed by the ministry of Pastor David Prince and the friendliness of the membership of the church. Monday was a day of preparation for my parents arrival from Florida for a short visit.  After they arrived, we went to Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant last night for a delicious meal after which we drove around to show my parents the sites of Frankfort, mainly the Capitol Building lit up at night.

Today (Tuesday) we’re heading up to Northern Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum.  I’ve heard great things about it and Senior Pastors, Missionaries, and their spouses receive free admission (dependents are half price)!  I’m not sure what tomorrow holds.  Maybe a trip to Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace and Mammoth Cave.   I’ll let you know.


  1. You should put the Rhett and Link video about Subway on your blog. It is hilarious and disgusting all in one!!!!!!!

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