New Podcast: Farmdale Baptist Church

I have begun a new podcast for Farmdale Baptist Church which will feature messages which I preach during our Sunday Morning Worship Service.  The feed for the podcast can be subscribed to in your blog reader, iTunes, or you can simply visit this site to see the latest sermon which is available and to download archived sermons.  A new sermon will be uploaded each week.  The sound quality of this week’s recording is poor due to technical difficulties.  This should be fixed by next week.  The sermons will still suffer from poor quality, however, due to the preacher.


  1. The sermons will still suffer from poor quality …

    You’re a funny guy. I like how the site says, “Pastor Steve Weaver continues his sermon series …,” but it’s the first sermon on the site.

  2. What’s so funny about that? I think it’s sad more than funny.

    The site is correct. That sermon is the continuation of a series, but it is the first one that has been recorded in MP3 format.

    If enough people “demanded” it, we could probably get the others transferred from cassette to MP3.

    I can’t hear you!

  3. Cassette? Cassette? I’d think a church of three to four thousand would be more up-to-date than that. On the other hand, maybe they’re just not ones to jump on every passing fad. I like that. Trust me, though, this one’s safe.

    Okay, I demand it. And I expect a transcript posted every week, 10:00am Monday, at the latest. Sorry, once I start demanding,it’s hard to stop.

  4. Lesa,

    Good one. You’re getting good at this commenting thing. You’ll have your own blog before long.


    No fair. Identical double cousins can’t both vote. Both your and David Kjos votes are now invalidated.

    Still not enough demand.

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