Announcing: “Between the Times”

My friend Nathan Finn has announced a new group blog of which he is a part titled:  “Between the Times”.  The blog is a collaborative effort of five faculty members of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  These worthy contributors include:  SEBTS President Danny Akin, David Nelson, Ken Keathley, Bruce Ashford, and of course, Nathan Finn.

Topics discussed on this new blog include theology, cultural engagement, mission, preaching, American Christianity, the Southern Baptist Convention, and they also hope to regularly post book reviews and book lists.

The first post is already up: Bruce Ashford has written the first installment of a two-part post about the need for a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. In the next couple of days, Nathan will be posting a two-part summary and review of David Dockery’s new book Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal. More posts will follow soon after, including some post-Convention thoughts from Dr. Akin. The contributors hope that their blog will make a positive and constructive contribution to the Southern Baptist and broader evangelical blogosphere.  Knowing the caliber of the men involved in this project, I firmly believe that it will.  I’m subscribing to the RSS feed now, and strongly suggest that you all do the same.

Join the conversation . . .

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