Baseball and Biblical Manhood

The “Haddog” at the Great American Ballpark

Last Friday night I took my oldest son to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati to see our favorite team, the Atlanta Braves, play the Cincinnati Reds. It was great opportunity to see two future Hall-of-Famers face one another (Griffey vs. Glavine), as well as Mr. 400, “Chipper” Jones. Well, the game turned into the Jay Bruce show. I had never heard of the rookie until the game, and now virtually every baseball fan knows who Jay Bruce is. Anyway, in light of my love for baseball and my desire to see my sons grow up to be godly men, it was with great interest that I have read Randy Stinson’s articles on Baseball and Biblical Manhood on the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood‘s Gender Blog. The articles are good read on the lessons on life and godliness that a father can teach a son through baseball. The series is available in four parts:

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