Book Recommendation: Doctrine that Dances

In his new book on preaching, Doctrine that Dances: Bringing Doctrinal Preaching and Teaching to Life, Dr. Robert Smith, Jr. argues for doctrinal preaching from a fresh perspective. Using the metaphors from dance of a Doxological Dancer and an Exegetical Escort (again, please think dancing!), Dr. Smith argues for a union of both sound doctrine and joyful exultation in preaching. Dr. Smith serves as professor of Christian preaching at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL and he has given lectures on preaching at numerous evangelical theological seminaries. In fact, I first became familiar with Dr. Smith’s paradigm for preaching while listening online to lectures on the theme which he gave at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s 2006 Power in the Pulpit conference. This theme was more fully developed in Dr. Smith’s lectures on preaching delivered on the campus of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fall of 2007 (scroll down to October 22, 2007). These lectures are a great introduction to the ideas of the book. They also enable the listener to hear the passion combined with doctrine that Dr. Smith argues so eloquently for in his book. But the substance of the argument for doctrinal preaching that dances is found in the book itself. It is refreshing to see this call for sound doctrinal preaching published by Broadman and Holman. It is especially refreshing to read such a balanced appeal for both truth and passion in preaching. Doctrine that Dances is the 2008 Preaching Magazine Book of the Year. It has been endorsed by Christian leaders and great preachers such as Danny Akin and Warren Wiersbe. If you’re a preacher, you will benefit from reading this volume.

Baptist Press article about Doctrine that Dances.

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