Understanding Scripture in Light of Christ

The most recent issue of Southern Seminary’s magazine:  The Tie is a great one.  The theme is “Understanding Scripture in Light of Christ” and is available in its entirety online for free.  You can also subscribe to the print edition of the magazine for free here.  You will not find another free magazine like The Tie which has such consistently good articles.    Articles in this issue include:

  • Scripture’s story centers on Christ
    Stephen J. Wellum
  • Old Testament: Christ hidden
    Russell Fuller
  • New Testament: Christ revealed
    James M. Hamilton Jr.
  • Biblical counseling: Centering cure on Christ
    David Powlison
  • Beyond a Veggie Tales gospel: Preaching Christ from every text
    Russell D. Moore
  • Christ as Warrior-King: Preaching Christ from Judges
    David E. Prince


  1. Steve,

    That is an excellent magazine. I’m always meaning to subscribe and never doing so. Well, I just did, and it only took thirty seconds. Thanks for giving the link!


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