Chipper better than Mickey

It’s always interesting to me when a player goes from being considered a good or great player to being recognized as a living legend, one of the all-time greats.  Well, as Chipper Jones continues posting his .400 average and is quickly approaching 400 career home runs, that time has apparently now come for him.   A shocking article today by AJC sports columnist Terrence Moore that compares the Atlanta Braves’ Chipper Jones favorably with the legendary Mickey Mantle.  The most shocking thing about the article is how the numbers actually support the idea that Chipper is already, or soon will be, a better hitter than Mickey Mantle.

See here for another great article explaining “How Chipper became this era’s greatest switch hitter.”


  1. What this means is either Moore is off his rocker (no pun intended to a once great reliever) or Chipper is one of the most underrated players in the history of the game. I am not a Braves fan, I can’t stand the Braves, but I do like the way Jones has always gone about playing the game. I must say that being able to legitimately discuss him and Mantle in the same breath is crazy. I wonder how much of the historicity of a Mantle plays into the seeming absurdity of the mention of Jones with him?

    Being a Cardinals fan, though, I think in another 15 years, we will be able to say we have watched one of the all time greats play the game of baseball. Albert Pujols is doing things that no one has ever done in MLB.

  2. As a life-long Braves fan, it’s hard for me to be objective on this one. Certainly true on stats, but for those of a certain age it will always be difficult to overcome nostalgia and the Mantle mystique.

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