“How to Deal with Disunity in the Church” Matthew 18:15-20

This is the outline of the study that I taught on Sunday night at Farmdale Baptist Church, Frankfort KY.

Distinguish between personal offenses (Matt. 18 ) and public offenses (1 Cor. 5).  This study deals with ho to deal with personal offenses.

I.  Go Alone, v. 15.

The Four G’s of Conflict Resolution
(from Ken Sande’s The Peacemaker)

A.  Glorify God, 1 Cor. 10:31.

B.  Get the log out of your own eye, Matthew 7:5.  The Seven A’s of Confession

C.  Gently Restore, Galatians 6:2.

D.  Go and Be Reconciled.  The Four Promises of Forgiveness

If this fails . . .

II.  Take One or Two Witnesses, v. 16.

If this fails . . .

III.  Tell it to the Church, v. 17.

The problem at this point is unwillingness to forgive or lack of repentance, both of which demonstrate that a person is not a genuine Christian.  Church membership is a testimony of a church to the reality of one’s profession of faith.  If there is no reason to believe an individual is a Christian, allowing their name to rename on the roll is deceiving both them and ourselves.

A discussion of the authority of the church in verses 18-20.  These verses are often taken out of context, but in context are a powerful word on the authority of the local church to deal with matters of discipline.

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