Resolutions on Integrity in Church Membership

Today I signed both Tom Ascol’s and Bart Barber’s Resolutions on Integrity in Church Membership.  I look forward to voting for one of these resolutions at the upcoming meeting of the SBC in Indianapolis.  I don’t believe that I need to pick one over the other at this point.  That is the job of the Resolution Committee of the SBC.  This Committee will then (hopefully) present one to the Convention for adoption.  It will either be one or the other (both of which I agree with every word in) or a hybrid of both (which would not be a bad thing either, in my opinion).  This is an important issue and I’m glad that it is being discussed widely in SBC life.  But this is the easy part, the hard part is actually practicing what we preach in this regard.  May God grant each of us who sign or vote for these documents the courage to graciously lead our congregations to reflect these biblical ideas.

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