2nd Annual Andrew Fuller Center Conference

On August 25-26, 2008 the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies will host its second annual conference on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This year’s conference focuses on the English Baptists of the 17th century. There will be papers presented on the conference’s theme by both established and up and coming historical scholars. For a complete schedule of the conference click here. Conference speakers include R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Malcolm Yarnell, Tom Nettles, Barry Howson, and Austin Walker. For a conference advertisement listing all the speakers for the conference click here.

For email inquiries about the conference please use andrewfullercenter[at]gmail.com.


  1. Steve,

    The conference just gets better and better each year. These topics and speakers look fantastic (even considering you and I are speaking!). Looking forward to being there with you. I’ll just be coming off my official honeymoon, but since the wife will be coming it will be a wonderful capstone to the honeymoon! Especially since the wife is a huge history buff!


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