New Website Featuring Spurgeon’s Recommended Commentaries

I just learned today of a great new website designed by Satch Chikhlia which features links to downloadable editions of many of the commentaries recommended Charles Haddon Spurgeon in his Commenting and Commentaries.  The site, which is titled simply “Book-Academy“, features a mother-lode of links to downloadable resources now available through the efforts of GOOGLE and MICROSOFT.  Satch Chikhlia has made many great out of print, hard to find, and/or expensive Puritan works easily accessible to all with internet access.  He has done the hard work of tracking these works down, now visit his website and enjoy the fruit of his labors.  For more information about this project see the following description from Satch himself below:

Ever since C. H. Spurgeon published his catalogue “Commenting and Commentaries” in 1876 it has been, for theological students in the reformed tradition at least, a standard reference tool in the choice of commentaries.

Sadly however, the large established book publishers have over the last 15 to 20 years moved away from printing the variety of older reformed commentaries which they once used to and although smaller publishers have tried to fill the gap, their valiant efforts still leave us with huge gaps.

A few years ago some internet companies, principally GOOGLE and MICROSOFT commenced the process of producing digital versions of old and antiquarian books. Of course since the fair proportion of books printed in Victorian and pre-Victorian times were of a religious character, we find that they have digitized many of the commentaries which were recommended by Spurgeon.

We were pleasantly surprised to find just how many of the works recommended by Spurgeon, which are very difficult, if not impossible to find in the second hand and antiquarian book market, now exist in digital format. And that gave rise to the idea of this website.

We have therefore reproduced Spurgeon’s “Commenting and Commentaries”, and then provided links to the digital versions where we know of their existence. Most of the digital versions exist as “pdf” files and one would therefore need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it from Adobe

Some files exist as “html” pages only. These are from sites which have reproduced the text of the work as a web page.


  1. The link appears to be dead-end now – alas! Any idea if Logos or Accordance or some other Bible study software has created a “Commenting and Commentaries” package that includes digital versions of the commentaries Spurgeon listed?

  2. I’ve clicked the link, but it’s a dead-end! Alas!

    Does anyone know of an alternative? Have Logos, Accordance, or some other software company created a Commenting and Commentaries package, with digital versions of Spurgeon’s recommended commentaries?

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