An Opening Day Ode to Baseball

Baseball is my favorite sport.  I love baseball in general and the Atlanta Braves in particular. I am thankful that God has permitted this game to be invented and to be enjoyed. I don’t think there is any other game that equals baseball in its quality. I think that the popularity of sports like basketball and football over baseball represent a decline of all that is good and honorable. I cringe when I hear someone say that baseball is boring, because they obviously do not understand the complexities of the game that take place on every single play! I regret that football and basketball are attempting to eclipse baseball as the national sport, because I think this is a symptom both of our societies constant need to be entertained every single second and  our inability to slow down, think and relax.

I know many will be offended by my strong opinions about baseball. If you want to argue for your sports supremacy in the comments section, you may. I, however, will continue to believe that baseball is the greatest American sport, the national pastime and the game that I will pass down to my three sons.

By the way, a few respected baseball writers have written promising things about the Braves post-season chances this year recently.

One comment

  1. Hi, I don´t know about baseball cause here in Chile we don´t play it.
    But I know about Jesus, He is the most important in my life, I talk about Jesus and I think about Jesus every day.
    I’m not a Pastor, I’m just a normal man that tries to find Jesus in the big play of life.

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