A Resignation Letter

Last Wednesday night I sent out the following email.  This letter was distributed to church members today.

Brothers and Sisters,

Tonight in our prayer meeting, I announced my resignation from West Broadway Baptist Church.  This comes nearly eight years to the day since I was called as pastor.  The eight years here have been joyful ones as I’ve seen God work solely through His Word.  I have not had any huge plans or programs to implement, just the simple preaching of God’s Word.  I have seen God bless this and anticipate His continual blessing on the church as she remains committed to the verse-by-verse exposition of God’s Word.

I truly believe that the best days for the church are still ahead of her. God has gifted West Broadway Baptist Church with great spiritual leaders who will help to shepherd the flock of WBBC during the time of transition.  I’m committed to staying for the next few weeks to assist in the transition.  I will not leave the church uncared for.  There are at least three main messages which I believe the Lord has led me to preach in the weeks to come.  These messages will no doubt be emotional, but I will seek to be faithful to bring God’s Word to the congregation each week.

In addition to preaching, I will continue to visit and pray for the congregation in the weeks ahead.  I am committed to finishing strong, and not slacking off during the final stretch.

Be assured that each of you will be missed by my family.  Our friendship in Christ is not merely lifelong, but eternal.  We will be united again, never to be parted, in God’s eternal city.

Please remember to pray for me and my family during this time.

To God Alone Be The Glory,
Steve Weaver


  1. Steve,

    I am thrilled to hear all the news. Praying for you and your family as you transition into your new home and your new ministry.


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