Transition Time

Tonight during our Wednesday night Prayer Meeting, I submitted my resignation from West Broadway Baptist Church of Lenoir City. This comes as a result of a vote by Farmdale Baptist Church of Frankfort, KY to elect me as their Senior Pastor on last Sunday. I will still be preaching for the next few Sundays at West Broadway while helping the church to prepare for the transition time. I will assume pastoral responsibilities in Frankfort on April 27th.

Please pray for both churches and my family during this time of transition. West Broadway as they prepare for the next stage in their churches life. Farmdale as they prepare for a new pastor. And my family during the time of moving. This is a time of mixed joy and sorrow. We are sad to leave a church full of people whom we love, but hopeful regarding the opportunities of the future.

My resignation tonight was almost eight years to the day since the church voted to call me in their monthly business meeting. Since then I have served this church with much joy. In eight years there was never anything which I ever taught from God’s Word and sought to implement that they refused to allow. To God be the glory.

The catalyst for this move was the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Church History/Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. To commute would have been virtually impossible. In God’s providence, Farmdale Baptist Church has called me to their church with the understanding that I will be doing PhD studies at Southern. I should learn if I’m accepted to Southern this week.

Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. West Broadway B.C. will surely miss you. You have been a focused and faithfull pastor. I am excited to see how God will continue to use you as you further prepare yourself for His service.

  2. Steve,

    We will continue to pray for and your family during this time of transition! Even though we are not at WBBC anymore, you have my utmost respect in every way and I will be sad that you are leaving. However, as this is God’s will, I am excited as you go forward with Him. I know that He has been, and will continue to use you in great ways. SDG!!

  3. Thank you for helping me to get off the milk diet and start eating the meat of God’s Word. You will be greatly missed.

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