Book Recommendation: The God Who Draws Near


Dr. Haykin’s newest release “is an attempt to recapture an understanding of true biblical spirituality and what that means for daily living” (back cover). Subtitled “An Introduction to Biblical Spirituality,” The God Who Draws Near explores nine key aspects of Biblical spirituality. Focusing throughout on the role of the Holy Spirit, Haykin looks at “nine marks of the Spirit’s work as he makes real God’s drawing near to us” (xx).  The nine marks of the Spirit’s work are explored in chapters titled as follows:

  1. A Trinitarian Spirituality
  2. Knowing God and Knowing Ourselves
  3. A Christ-Centered Spirituality
  4. A Cross-Centered Spirituality
  5. A Spirituality of the Word
  6. Prayer and the Christian Life
  7. Christian Meditation
  8. Spiritual Friendship as a Means of Grace
  9. Mission – the Inevitable Fruit of True Spirituality

All in all this work is excellent.  Dr. Haykin, who is a professor of both Church History and Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, uses his vast knowledge of Christian history to elucidate key aspects of spirituality.  This is a book that can be recommended and/or given away to Christians seeking to grow in their walk with the Lord.

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